Why Choose a Professional Process Server?

Delegate at your convenience

The Wesley Group Inc. provides routine or rush service of process, guaranteeing that up to three attempts of service will be made regardless of the time frame.

Invest in reliability

Prompt service of your documents is vital, especially taking into account the time frame and legal proceedings. At a professional process server, a large majority of the workday involves service of process; however, Sheriffs’ offices are responsible for their entire jurisdiction, giving them a surplus of duties that may be considered more important and therefore a priority over service of your documents. In addition, occupying schedules can make it difficult or impossible for sheriffs’ offices to make multiple attempts of service, and their first attempts are commonly unsuccessful as they are during business hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM). On the other hand, process servers work flexible hours to guarantee multiple attempts are made at different times of the day and take extensive measures to locate a subject if given a bad address, which may not be the case for a busy sheriffs’ office, who are simply too busy to track evasive subjects.

You are our priority

As expected of all sheriff’s departments, there are responsible for an abundant number of tasks, requiring them to gain general knowledge that pertains to an array of laws and violations. A professional process server, however, specifically studies the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the laws associated with service of process for multiple jurisdictions. In addition, sheriffs’ offices can take weeks to months to serve your legal documents, while a professional process server is prepared to serve your documents quickly and efficiently, with the ability to serve on an expedited basis if required or requested. Additionally, sheriffs’ offices are focused on their jurisdiction, required to assist those in need, which makes communication or updates on the progress of your service difficult. Our process servers ensure you are satisfied with your experience utilizing our services and work diligently to update you and answer any questions. 

For more statistics regarding the choice between a process server or a sheriff, visit https://www.serve-now.com/articles/841/process-server-vs-sheriff-infographic

Contact us for more information regarding our process services, including pricing and any other questions. We can be reached by our phone number (202) 372-7466 during business hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) and by email in the early morning, night, or weekends at info@TheWesleyGroup.org.