The Skip Tracing Process

What is skip tracing?

 Skip tracing is the process of locating an individual using extensive records and database software and can be used to find witnesses or opposing parties who disappear or have invalid contact information. 

Skip tracing in use

Skip tracing services can be used in many industries to benefit business profitability in an efficient manner. Following are several instances by which skip tracing can be used:

  1. Lawyers utilize skip trace software to locate opposing parties or other witnesses who cannot be contacted. Skip tracing is used most commonly in divorce cases or cases involving child support to locate the missing party and receive proper compensation. 
  2. Banks can use skip tracing to locate debtors who disappear without fully paying any personal or educational loans.
  3. Journalists can utilize this software to find and interview specific individuals to serve as sources for their reports.  
  4. Collections Agencies skip trace in order to validate contact information and find debtors who have not completely paid medical, consumer, and other debts. 

Tracking technology

The Wesley Group utilizes supercomputing technology and advanced algorithms to scour through propriety and public records, which includes but is not limited to phone books, utility bills, and court records to find new leads and increase the efficiency of the legal process.

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